Big Blade

BRAČA-SPORT® Big Blade product line is the traditional hatchet/cleaver blade style was first introduced in 1992. It was designed using Computer-aided design (CAD) to improve performance characteristics by enhancing the blade shape and position and geometry of the spline.

Key performance characteristics of the Big Blade are:

  • Low air-drag.
  • Greatest surface area at tip.

The pitch of the Big Blade can be adopted to suit your needs between 0° and +7°. It can be specified at the time of the order. Please contact your representative for details.

Available Options and Technical Parameters:

   Dimentions Volume Pitch
   Surface area
in widest place
Sculls Min 759/117.6 45.0/17.72 20.5/8.07 0° to +7
Max 809/125.4 46.5/18.31 21.5/8.27 0° to +7
Oars Min 1062/164.6 56.5/22.24 23.5/9.25 0° to +7
Max 1162/180.1 57.5/22.64 24.5/9.65 0° to +7

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